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My New Book

My second book is finally out, folks!!  It is, rather pompously, entitled Convergences, Divergences & Affinities: the Second Wave of Free Improvisation in England 1973-1979. I tried to cover a few bases with that title, mainly to cover the amount of changes that the music endured in those 7 brief years, and also the fact that I tried to reflect other parts of England than London, which my first book focused on to the exclusion of anywhere else in the country.

I want to thank here everyone who has bought CD & A. This means an awful lot to me, that people have spent their hard-earned money on a book about an obscure and rather recondite topic. I have been in contact with a lot of great, friendly individuals from Europe, America and even Japan, and they seem to be good people. Cheers, guys, you know who you are.

Without trying to sound like a rap band extolling their mates and family, it is so encouraging to see that there are so many people out there listening to this weird shit.

I’m now cracking on with Book 3, which will be about the London Musicians Collective. I’ve got some heavy-duty competition here, however, as there are others who are producing research on the same topic. This is great as far as I’m concerned - Free Improv, or maybe just Improv (?) by this time, has has relatively so little written about it so far, fifty tears on, let’s drown in it!!  Buckets of material about The Beatles and Dylan (and the generous 60s/70s mother lode generally) continually spew out their riches (or their fool’s gold). And now we have the comedy of Morrisey’s early years of misery in Manchester (a signal example of how much a pushy chancer can bully himself into whatever he deems appropriate to his assumed status-euch!!) - not only does he demand a Penguin Classic sigil, we now have to suffer carefully-crafted sets of his sweaty bedroom in the late 70s. Have we all gone mad(chester)?

Give me a movie about John Stevens, for God’s sake. Please, I will check out I Called Him Morgan at the local flea-less pit, to see a genuinely interesting doomed youth.

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