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Oxymorons - what’s in a name?

A brief one this time.

I meant at append this to the piece on Eric Random, but ran out of time and space,

Whilst typing out the band name Manicured Noise, the notion of oxymoronic band names occurred to me. Full respect is in order for their New Wave-y single Faith b/w Freetime, their being a band that fitted well into the late-70s Manc scene of such contemporaries as The Passage, Spherical Objects and Steve Miro & the Eyes, associated with the Manchester Musicians Collective.

A few comparable antinomies might be the Noise’s contemporaries, Liverpudlian Jayne Casey’s Pink Military and then Pink Industry, Glasgow duo Strawberry Switchblade and, finally, Dublin’s My Bloody Valentine (is their track Strawberry Wine a backhanded tribute to SS?). It seemed that opposites did indeed attract in the 1980s, as, of course, did daft attention-seeking names of all kinds, The Cocteau Twins, anybody?

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